I once overheard an argument between two people. As rationality waned and absurdity swelled, one person said, “You’ve got to be a SPACE CADET if you think that!”

A few moments later, the recipient, now rather piqued, retorted, “You’re the most EMPTY-HEADED person I’ve run across in a long time!”

Well, that set me thinking.

— — —

Just about everyone knows that an atom is made up of a nucleus surrounded by a constellation of orbiting electrons. An atom is very large in size compared with its nucleus; a nucleus is very large compared to any of its orbiting electrons. So, what’s within an atom is mostly empty space containing a very small nucleus and much, much smaller electrons.

What’s even more amazing is that when an atom’s nucleus is probed, it turns out to be mostly empty space, too. Therefore, an atom is really almost all empty space. There’re hardly anything there!

Now, molecules are made up of atoms; and a person is composed of trillions of molecules. One can only conclude that a person is almost all empty space.

— — —

Absurd as it may seem the human descriptors, space cadet and empty-headed, are rather rationally based identifiers.