I once overheard an argument between two people. As rationality waned and absurdity swelled, one person said, “You’ve got to be a SPACE CADET if you think that!”

A few moments later, the recipient, now rather piqued, retorted, “You’re the most EMPTY-HEADED person I’ve run across in a long time!”

I dance to the music of life.

Today, I shall not want,

not resist, not judge.

I am at peace.

I know someday I shall return home.

Between now and then, I shall

offer a hand, love humanity,

all the creatures, and the Earth.

Thank you, Universal Spirit,

for the gifts I receive.

Do not tell me that I may walk away.

I know that I may; I choose not to.

I prefer to tear from joy for

I am fulfilled and happy.

Do not tell me that I am unbound.

I know I am free; I choose to be with you.


Have you looked?

Rain forests burning,

Pollutants dumped into the atmosphere,

Animals on the verge of extinction,

Humans killing humans.

There is an old saying,

Don’t put your feet on the table at which you eat.

In these magnificent bodies on this beautiful planet,

We fail because we are ignorant.

Life is a spiritual experience.

Our souls seek to overcome difficulties,

wrong perceptions, wrong conclusions.

Our souls yearn for enlightenment.

Where is the love?

Our souls seek the splendid love of before.

They ache to be swaddled again in such love.

Must they wait for the voyage home.

Can you not see the love, the joy, and the peace.

They await us.

Understand why you are here.

This is Eden.

Raymond Gogolewski

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